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Mission to Karamea Bend Hut: part 2

Rejoin the adventure from Tasman to the West Coast Region. NZ's famous blue mushroom, a fabulous rock shelter and a night hike all feature in this episode!

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Not in Karamea, Karamea Bend Hut is found where the Leslie river meets the Karamea River, in the West Coast Region. I only had to hear the words ‘Karamea’ and ‘West Coast’ to pack my things for a trip!

Here in part two, I pay a visit to Splugeons Rock Shelter, stumble unbelievably across a werewere-kōkako blue mushroom and end up tramping in the dark, just to make it to this remote West Coast location!

Watch the video above. Find me on YouTube here.

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Dunc Wilson Adventures
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