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Kia ora, I’m Dunc Wilson, an adventurer and author, based in Aotearoa New Zealand.

I’ve cycled the country’s coastline, packraft-hiked a line down the middle of the North Island and am constantly out there playing in the outdoors. Living is pushing and testing my limits.

My first book, The Big Loop, is the story of my Kiwi cycling adventure. It features tales of the characters who helped me out, the challenges I faced and the familiarisation of myself with this unique wonderland I now call home. Spoiler alert: I wasn’t born in NZ!

Since then, hiking and rafting into wild places has become a fascination. This prompted me to attempt a traverse of the length of Aotearoa, which is an ongoing affair.

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Epic, self-powered, hiking, rafting and camping adventures in the outdoors. Occasionally featuring hot chips.


Kia ora, Dunc Wilson here. I live to get outdoors, on epic, unique, self-powered missions. I once cycled the NZ coastline and am now voyaging through Aotearoa by packraft, using the harbours, lakes and rivers between the Cape and the Bluff.