DJ Mental/Dunc Wilson

I was asked by Alan Roy to be resident of Flirt! at The University of Surrey in 2004 and had four amazing years there.

It was amazing: playing the tunes, while name after name was wheeled on and off stage in front of me. I’ve been on the bill with The Shapeshifters, Scott Mills, Jo O’Meara (S Club 7), Jo Guest (The Sport), Alan Fletcher (Karl of Ramsay Street), Chappers ‘n’ Dave, Big Keith (The Office), Chad Dawson (Delaware’s finest), The Vengaboys and Vernon Kay.

I have now retired as Flirt! resident, in order to focus on other things. I’d like to thank all the students who, over the years, made it such a fun place to work and if I may borrow some words:

“You are all good.”